Changes in Utah law relating to Evictions and COVID-19

Retrieved 1/7/2020, from

The CDC moratorium protects tenants until June 30, 2021. It only covers evictions for nonpayment of rent – other kinds of evictions (such as nuisance or a lease violation) are still allowed.

Protection under the moratorium is not automatic. Tenants must sign a declaration and give it to the landlord. After receiving a signed declaration from a tenant, the landlord cannot take any action to remove them for nonpayment of rent. Sample Declarations can be found at

The moratorium does not forgive rent. Late fees and penalties can still accrue during the moratorium.

Help Paying Rent


A tenant might be able to get help paying rent. There is a Housing Assistance Program that lets a landlord apply for rental assistance on behalf of tenants. More information is available from the Utah Department of Workforce Services. A tenant may visit UT Rent Relief to apply for up to $2,000 a month in rent, utilities and more. 


There may be other protections that apply. Consider getting legal help. See Agencies and Organizations page for a list of groups that might be able to help with rent. Pay attention to deadlines and contact the Self-Help Center if you have questions.

If a tenant has not paid all of the back rent owed when the moratorium ends, the tenant could be evicted.