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Criminal Cases

We handle all criminal cases in the Moab, Monticello, Grand County, and San Juan County.   

We can address simple marijuana possession charges, DUIs, CVB Citations (speeding or possession citations on Federal Land), assualt charges, among other cases.  We provide aggressive criminal defense. Attentive client communication with phenomenal response times. We treat you like a priority, and more importantly like a person not a number.

We understand that you may have traveled here on vacation.   We attempt to resolve all cases with as limited return travel to Moab as possible.  It is our goal to help resolve your case as conviently as possible.

Immigration Cases

As a Bilingual Attorney, Stephen J. Stocks loves speaking Spanish! He is excited to represent clients on Immigration petitions (family petitions/work visas among others), VAWA/U Visa cases, and other immigration cases.

Having a bilingual attorney is critical in immigration cases!

Family Law Cases

Divorces, custody cases, and child support cases demand attention to detail.  We are excited to provide services in these areas.  Additionally, we provide help with Stepchild Adoption, DCFS cases, and termination of parental rights cases.

Our goal is to focus on resolving the cases prior to court involvement.  That is not always possible, in those cases we prepare for trial to resolve the matter as effectively as possible.  

Business Formation - Assistance

We assist with business formation such as LLC, Corporation, and limited partnerships.  Additionally, we help with drafting contracts and operating agreements.  Our goal is to explain the business risks behind decisions and options for business owners.  We are excited to provide services in these areas.  

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625 E Rose Tree Ln, Moab, UT 84532, USA