Stephen J. Stocks

After studying in the U.S. and abroad, Stephen has returned to his home town of Moab, Utah.  In 2016 he started his own law firm to provide legal services to the community. Stephen is a bilingual (Spanish and English) which allows him to communicate effectively with his clients.


During his practice, he has handled many cases. This allows him to understand the different perspectives of each client.  He handles each case uniquely in the ways that he communicates clients, looks for creative solutions, and protects his client's best interest. 

He is also involved in assisting the local community through voluntary work as the Chair for the Grand County Change of Form of Government. He has represented clients on a pro-bono basis and provided services to indigent clients as a conflict counsel for Grand and San Juan Counties.  


  • Stephen Stocks



Additionally, he has worked with Utah Legal Services, Inc. to provide support to individuals who have faced legal challenges and need assistance through the legal system.  This has allowed him to represent many clients in seeking protective orders and stalking injunctions to protect themselves from abusers.


His goal is to help his clients navigate through the legal system and understand the possible outcomes. He does not "sugarcoat" outcomes and is frank with his clients so that they understand the risks involved in their cases and explains the law clearly so that client best understands their individual case.

Since his return to Moab, he knows a network of attorneys through the state and would be happy to provide referrals if you have located out of Moab. 

Stephen would look forward to the opportunity to speak with you about your case.  Call today!

He is a member of the Utah Association of Criminal Defense Lawyer.